Love Notes Alyssa Olivier 2009-2010

Love Notes
Interactive Installation and opening night Performance
I created 88 cards, which I painted and collaged. Each contained a handwritten personal message of love. The mail receipts for these notes were appliquéd onto a quilt after being Xerox transferred with essential oil onto silk which had been dyed in cinnamon. A secluded space was created with enough distance between the quilted record of the notes I wrote and the desk, where visitors could feel comfortable to write their own love letters. All of the furniture in the installation was found on the street in Waikiki, except for the bed, which was my own. All of the furniture is from my own bedroom. I slept on the floor for the duration of the show. During the opening, I performed a three-hour meditation, as visitors wrote their own letters to loved ones, which I later mailed for them. 2008-2009

Performance and Installtion
Love Notes
interactive fiber installtion